About This Station

This station is located in West Scarborough, Maine. It consists of a Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station. Data is collected every few seconds and streamed to this website, Weather Underground, and CWOP.

The server hosting the weather is a Mac Mini (late 2012) running WeatherCat software. In addition, NOAA weather radio station KD095 operating at 162.550 MHz on Blackstrap Hill in Falmouth, Maine is received by a Radio Shack Pro-433 scanner and digitized on the Mac Mini using BUTT 0.1.10 (Broadcast Using This Tool) software to Wunderground's Weather Radio ICECAST server.

About Scarborough

Scarborough was incorporated in 1658. The Scarborough Historical Society obtained a copy from the archives in Boston of the “Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Vol. IV – Part 1 1650 – 1660.” A number of our early settlers “engaged themselves to this authority of the Massachusetts, at the date hereof, July 13, 1658.

Whereas the tounes of Black Point, Blew Point, Spurwincke, and Casco Bay (Spurwincke and Casco Bay became the town of “Falmouth” in this order) have acknowledged themselves subject to the government of the Massachusetts, as by the subscriptions under theire hands doth appeare, wee, the commissioners of the Generall Court of the Massachusetts, doe actually graunt as followeth.” The order continued to established both the towns of Scarborough and Falmouth (now Cape Elizabeth) and was signed and sealed by the commissioners of the “Generall Court” on “July the 14, 1658.”

About This Website

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